Just started P90X today!

Starting with Chest & Back X and Ab Ripper X. Never thought workouts could be this fun, honestly! And I’m not even being sarcastic. :’) 

My mid year break is here and I have two weeks off. YAYAYYAAYAY.

MSSWP Track & Field 2012 Day 1

100m - Got first at the heats, 5th at the semifinals. Didn’t get into the finals. Good enough though :) 

My school’s track & field team did so well! 

Congratulations to the beast Shu cean for getting first at her discus!!! 

This week will be eventful and my red cheeks and tan legs will get even redder and tanner. yayyy

First week of Insanity overview:

Ah. The saying “The first is always the hardest” is extremely true. The first time I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit, which was the first (or second, including Fit Test) day of Insanity, I absolutely died at the warmup and even had to take multiple breaks during the warmup. The second time I did it, which was yesterday, I was already much stronger & seldom had breaks out of exhaustion throughout the whole workout. I feel much better, much faster, much more agile & stronger and it’s only been the first week!

AIGHT. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION, I’m going to do Cardio Power & Resistance now :) 



17/11/11 Daily Log (Day 7)


Breakfast- Penne carbonara + low-fat milk. 

Lunch- Wholemeal sandwich w/ ham, egg, tuna & cucumber.

Postlunch snack- A sausage bun from Sun Moulin.

Dinner- Long stringed beans + lean chicken + omelette + prawns + a fistful of rice. 


Bodyrock.tv Run The World workout!

Was supposed to go on a run today, but it was raining and my mom was using the treadmill. You might think I’m using the rain as an excuse, but I’m not. I would love to run in the rain, but I’m afraid of getting sick before Japan. 

16/11/11 Daily Log (Day 6)


Breakfast- fried rice + low-fat milk.

Lunch- Japanese lean chicken + green bean sprouts.

Dinner- Loads of broccoli & carrots + Stirfried prawns with green beans & corn + steamed chicken + tofu :)


-34 minute running (C25K W2D3) 

Wanted to strength-train or do yoga.. but by the time I finished running, it was time for dinner. I might do it after dinner though, I’ll edit the post if I do. 

14/11/11 Daily Log (Day 4)

Had a great run/walk today. Great great great run. Went at 5 minutes per kilometer, which by far is pretty fast to me! :) I had a great day at school too! :) Unfortunately though, I ate some unhealthy food today because I had no other choice But it’s alright. It’s allll good. My fridge/pantry’s running out of healthy food!! No more fruits omfg. Besides bananas though! D: MUST. GO. GROCERY. SHOPPING. Oh, and my class is having a tiny party tomorrow, which is gonna be filled with unhealthy junk. I’ll just have a slice of thin-crust (veggie, hopefully) pizza, and some chips. Everything in moderation! 

Food Intake:

Pre-breakfast (I accidentally woke up at 6.45am and had to leave for school by 7am so by the time I showered & brushed my teeth I didn’t have time for breakfast so I just grabbed some food) - Nutella on white bread. It was just a small piece. Yes I am quite disappointed but I didn’t have any more wholegrain bread & peanut butter at home and I HAD to eat something to break my fast. Like I said, I must get some groceries soon..

Breakfast (at school)- Rice vermicelli + quarter of a hash brown.  

Lunch (I didn’t have any. I had a netball meeting & this girl was selling cupcakes which she claimed to have been made with wholemeal flour, with chocolate icing so I ate one.) - Wholemeal cupcake w/ choco icing

Postlunch snack- Bread w/ sausage. (The ones you find in bakeries) + a handful of pretzels.

Dinner- Rice w/ steamed lean chicken, a LOT of bak choy, + sardine fish.


-30 min running/walking (Week 2 Day 2 of C25K).

-30 min post-run yoga. 

13/11/11 Daily Log (Day 3)

OHAAAI FELLOW HEALTHY PEOPLEEE! :D My plan to wake up early today has failed LOL. But yeah. I did a lot of yoga today (: 


Sun Salutations + 45 minute Yoga Fitness Fusion from exercise.tv (: 


Breakfast- A croissant with a tiny bit of reduced-salt butter + low fat milk.

Post breakfast snack- Yakult + pretzels.

Lunch- Hainanese chicken rice (Rice w/ roasted chicken + cucumber.)

Post lunch snack- Whole wheat bread w/ coconut jam + Seaweed (this was a while after)

Dinner- Pork rib soup with rice & cabbage.

Good day! Last week of school and Year 9 starting tomorrow! Have a strong week guysss (: I think I’m gonna start Insanity after I get back from a vacation in Japan, which is on the 27th and it’s during my 2-month summer holidays! :)